© 2012 Daisuke Kosugi

Gallery opening of fAenspotent

(2013) Collaboration with Endre Mathistad

Media: Performance, Installation, video

Material: Found-site(Borgen kulturhuset), Security guards from the Norwegian National Rail Administration, White paint, Projector

This performance was an act of opening an art space at Borgen kurturhus during the demolition process of the building.

The installation of gallery fAencepotent was placed in the one of the rooms in Borgen kulturhus, where all rooms were damaged by acts of vandalism. The day prior to the police entering, the room was cleaned and painted white.

View of gallery space from outside of Borgen kulturhuset

View from outside of Borgen kulturhuset

with Security guards from the Norwegian National Rail Administration

The gallery opening of fAencepotent was held under the bridge 200m away from Borgen kurturhus. At first, the guests visited the building surrounded by fences and were asked to move to under the bridge by security guards from the Norwegian National Rail Administration. Here, there was a video projection of the documentation of the gallery room with retrospective description of the situations of the demolishing week.

Video installation of the gallery under the bridge

Still photo from video

The Borgen kurturhus used to be studios and workshops for various artists and artisans. After the last tenants were evicted, spring 2013, different groups of people started occupying the building. Their motivations were different: first small group of artists; a occupy movement group for housing; then Romani people.

Press release of gallery opening