Daisuke Kosugi

© 2016 Daisuke Kosugi

Forgive Me I Am Not Gentle

Ina Hagen and Daisuke Kosugi


February 2016, at INCA, Seatlle





Dawning of the dance floor


September 2015, at Podium, Oslo


With Ina Hagen, Ingvild Isaksen, Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas and Jon Vogt Engeland





Installation view (Curtain rail): Another Round To Overcome, 2015 by Daisuke Kosugi

(Textile): When You Finally See The Person In Front of You Clearly, And Find Your Minds Eye Didn't Deceive You. 2015, by Ina Hagen



Installation view: Leave Fucking <<Society>> Alone, 2015


Installation view: The Excitement of Shame, 2015

Østlandsutsillingen 2015


June 2015, at Tegnerforbundet, Oslo



Participated with #NewNationalCitizen2014





Installation view: #NewNationalCitizen2014, 2014


Installation view (detail)



February 2015, at Spikersuppa Lydgalleri, Oslo



Collaboration with Ingvild Isaksen





Documentation of performance 128BPM, 2015

Attention (Performed)


June 2014, Connecting Sound Etc.,


at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL, Museums Quatier, Vienna






Documentation of performance Attention (Performed), 2014


Installation view: Attention(Performed), 2014



May 2014, at Kunstakademiet i Oslo BA Avgangsutstilling 2014, Oslo






Installation view: #NewNationalCitizen2014